Our Educational Goal

1. Faith-based Program

·         Daily morning worship – Bible messages, prayers, & praises

·         Integrated approach - Connecting biblical aspects to daily themes and activities

·         Helping the children learn who God is, what Christian values are, and understand nature as God created it

2.Bi-cultural Program

·         We expose the children to Korean culture along with American culture through the integration of early childhood education programs from both Korea and the United States

·         By teaching in both languages (Korean and English), we help the children gain an awareness of different cultures and human knowledge so that they can grow up to be well-rounded people

·         We help the children develop emotional stability, self-identity, and self-esteem through the positive influence of both home and preschool environments

3. High Quality Program

 1) Professional teachers – experienced and educated

 2) Developmentally appropriate environment

·         Classroom- blocks, book reading, science, art, puppet play, house play, role play, and sand/water play areas

·         Huge playground,  indoor gym, and small group activity room

3) Small group activities

·         Most effective in teaching and learning

·         A teacher leads an activity with 4-6children in the small group activity room for about 15 minutes (art project, discussions, music & movement, skit, science project, etc.)

4) Observation and Documentation

·         Pictures and notes  are taken in class and compiled in the individual portfolio based on the work sampling system

·         Documentation promotes reflective thinking of teachers and enhance children’s learning, providing concrete and visible memories, and also helps parents to be aware of children’s experiences

5) We encourage active participation from parents in building a true partnership between home and school